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Random Artists


Rupture is a zine centred around DIY culture – free parties, squats, social centres, art and activism

The next edition will be published in Autumn 2016 – Send stuff to rupture < a t > headfuk.net


Special Compendium issue – the best bits from 2012-2015

Click the PDF links below for the issues. To download (instead of viewing inside your browser) you may need to right click the PDF link and select 'Save As...'.

Autumn 2017

Poison pen poised in position

Screen PDF (8.4mb)

  • The War Machine Rolls Into Town – DSEI arms fair protests
  • Suffolk Sniper –  an update from the frontline
  • Free Cultural Spaces manifesto from ADM squat in Amsterdam
  • Home – a poem to accompany the Random Artists show of the same name
  • Notes on the North: The Art and Life of Andrew Pullan
  • The Hills Have Ears - when parties and politics collide in Italy
  • Bloody Foreigners – short fiction by Dan Moss
  • B92: Serbia's Radio Resistance
  • ADM XX Festival review
  • +KAOS: Ten years of Hacking and Media Activism - book review
  • The Comic Dark (A Cut up) –  by Will Phuq
  • Poem by João Meirinhos
  • Bad Sekta News
  • News
  • Listings

Spring 2017

Save the world –  Kill your children

Screen PDF (4mb)

  • Imagine Resistance, by Will Phuq
  • Publican Nuisance – SW party scene update
  • Ride along with the Ultra Violent Anarchist Riflegirls of Savage Assault Unit 23
  • Temporary Autonomous Art in 2017
  • Minesweeper Requiem (Co-Operative Future)
  • Hot on the Wire – new live streamed studio show
  • Webbo - Toyhacker
  • Poetry from Jack Houston, Liam D Johnson and João Meirinhos
  • News
  • Listings

Autumn 2016

Money goes in and the soul goes out

Screen PDF (5mb)

  • In memory of Keith Robinson, from Desert Storm sound system
  • Girl Hero Killers of the Anarcho-Feminist Revolutionary Struggle
  • News from The Hive
  • Temporary Autonomous Art news
  • Bad Sekta news
  • Poetry from João Meirinhos, Carpetface, Jack Houston and Bob the Generic
  • Will Phuq – ‘Ketamine-Related: The Arylcyclohexylamines’
  • Never mind Movember, we need Noisevember!
  • ReSpace Project – Recycling and Reusing Space
  • Monster Rave Ups! (Halloween party reports)
  • Voice from the border – volunteering with Care4Calais
  • Reminiscences of Rocking Against Racism
  • Camesquat occupation of Camelot HQ
  • Subverts from Will Phuq
  • Listings

Spring 2016

Disguise the Limit

Screen PDF (8.4mb)

  • French scene / teknival update
  • In/communicado - message encryption
  • Travelling on Film - gypsies and other travellers
  • Vote Remain to Fuck Up the Facists - opinion piece
  • Cardiff Arms Fair subvertism
  • Poetry from Shanna F Jones and Jack Houston
  • Netherlands squatting update
  • Game Over? - squatter's football notice
  • With Friends Like These - Freedom bookshop building
  • UK Undercover Policing Inquiry
  • Record release info
  • Listings

Autumn 2015

Policy aim: Gun down the vulnerable

Screen PDF (5.7mb)

  • Scum Like Us? – overview of events surrounding Scumoween 2015
  • In Defence of the Scum – personal attempt to refute arguments against Scum parties
  • Syrian Subotnik – journal/anecdote from the Kobane resistance
  • Fuck Fuck Fuck, subject immaterial – the Fuck Parade series of events
  • 23 Weeks Later – UK Teknival fallout update
  • Stealth Postage – mailing illicit items
  • Poetry - Migrant Crisis, Stripped
  • Tidsoptimist – people who struggle to be punctual
  • Meat for the Masses - fiction
  • Review – Angeniet Berkers’ 15m² of Freedom photo-book
  • Listings

Spring 2015

Blah dee blah dee, we likes to party

Screen PDF (6.4mb)

  • Clapton FC Antifa supporters club
  • The System poem by Jack Houston
  • Greetings from Reality - 40 Years of the ASS
  • A Dick Pic is Worth 1000 Years - article on file encryption
  • TAA Cardiff review and reflection
  • Alive and Kicking Off - UK Teknival 2015 article
  • I Never Thought I Would Squat Again
  • Listings

Autumn-Winter 2014

Pulling our finger out for a sniff

Screen PDF (4.1mb)

  • Drug Dawgz - sniffer dogs article
  • Disobedient Objects - ode to sound systems
  • Climate Change vs Economics
  • End of a Certain Lack (fiction)
  • Poetry pieces
  • Star Spores: Frequency Harmonics #13
  • The Uncertain Principle of Sods Law
  • Bad Sekta News

Spring 2014

If your're talking pie, it's all about the crust

Screen PDF (2.8mb)

  • Squatter football editorial
  • Squatting legal update
  • Replacement Parts (fiction)
  • Music Day info
  • All Hail the Baby Prince!
  • Water Wonderful World - water cannons article
  • Hole Inside (fiction)
  • World Cup Focus
  • John Bowden on his Parole Application

October 2012 - out of the blue London TAA special

Old limbs throwing new shapes

Screen PDF(4.3mb)

+ special bonus 'The Rupture - Or, my first rave experience' by Simon Carter

  • UK squatting updater
  • Mass squatting action
  • What would you do if you were God?
  • Datacide 12 Berlin launch write-up
  • Synthetic Gardens, Wasteland Alchemy write-up
  • Another Brick in the Wall
  • Poetry
  • Resist Now - news update
  • The Tick of Time
  • Bad Sekta News

June 09

Funded by the expense account of the world

Screen PDF(1.1mb)

  • Swine flu swindle
  • Brighton TAA report
  • Ill FM go 24/7
  • September Days of Action callout
  • Bristol Co-Mutiny callout
  • The Invisible Theatre part 2
  • Record reviews - Vocals & Versions Vol2, Kid606, Wevie Stonder, King Cannibal

April 09

Burps in the timeline? History must be repeating

Screen PDF(970k)

  • June 18th recap
  • The Invisible Theatre Part 1
  • Snapping coppers law introduced
  • Creative writing: Dormitory and Root Dreams
  • Digital Piracy/The Pirate Bay trial
  • G20 commentary
  • Record reviews: Monster X, Tim Exile, Venetian Snares, Disrupt, Stagga, Clark, dDamage

March 09

Boil in the rag

Screen PDF(360k)

  • UK Squatters Meet report
  • Uncut.FM update
  • Brighton Street Blitz callout
  • Hackney Social Centre callout
  • Music Reviews: Repeater, Detest, Najmal, KTL
  • Other reviews: Synecdoche New York, Bloc Weekender

Jan 09

+- reaction to a +- action

Screen PDF(425k)

  • Resist Now #5 - Direct Action
  • Acting on the Sustainable Communities Act
  • February London Freeschool
  • TAA Rave Tour
  • Music Reviews: Excision, Love Core

Dec 08

A slow-cooked stew of wintry dissed contents

Screen PDF(330k)

  • Active at the Core
  • Loosening the Noose: Art & Creative Expression
  • Music Reviews: $pitting V!triol/Richard Hillman, Squarepusher, Starkey, Ghost, Kid606, BuckFunk 3000, Pinch, Funckarma

Nov 08

Apathy has been crowned king, its protectors are in legion

Screen PDF(340k)

  • Loosening the Noose: Media & Publishing
  • Winter Solstice
  • London Freeschool Week
  • Squatting Around the World: Australia
  • The Beast of the Night
  • Music Reviews: Dan Fix, Broken Note vs Starkey, The Teknoist, Distance, Last Step, Cardopusher

Oct 08

We ain't playing FTSE

Screen PDF(330k)

  • Loosening the Noose: Housing and Land
  • Le Crunch Bunch
  • The Core
  • Squatting Around the World: Canada
  • Music Reviews: Dr Bastardo, Various Production, Headhunter, Maga Bo, Le Jad

Aug-Sep 08

Crawling out of our shell

Screen PDF(330k)

  • Loosening the Noose: Transport
  • Park(ing) Day
  • Climate Camp
  • Time to go Home
  • Freedom not Fear
  • Reviews: Otto Von Shirach, Russell Haswell, MDS, Button Down comp, Naomi Klein, War Inc.

Jun-Jul 08

Broke but not broken

Screen PDF(300k)

  • Anarchism... puts the cult back into culture?
  • Coal on Hold
  • Wound Journal (excerpts)
  • Social Centre update
  • Freedom to Protest - SOCPA
  • Census Alert
  • Music Reviews: 2562, Kanji Kinetic, Amph, King Cannibal

May 08

A sigh for the try in vain to get in your vain

Screen PDF(800k)
Print PDF(1.5mb)

  • A new presence on the airwaves + radio news
  • Squatters Estate Agents
  • Bulletproof (fiction)
  • Music Reviews: Ely Muff/Tantrum, Barry Lynn, Broken Note, Meat eat Manifesto, Krumble, Kamikaze Club

April 08

For the event with no name

Screen PDF(260k)
Print PDF(2.4mb)

  • Housing Matters on the Planet Earth building site
  • London Coalition Against Poverty
  • London Street Blitz
  • Rampart 2.2
  • Infousurpa + Offline

March 08

Somewhere over the shamebow

Screen PDF(150k)
Print PDF(440k)

  • Stupid Property Rights - part 2 of main article from Feb
  • Anger projection
  • Legislation update
  • Bunch of LEZers
  • Music Reviews: Frogs, Eustachian/The Teknoist, Ghislain Poirier, Various Production

February 08

Loose lips equals slips

Screen PDF(220k)
Print PDF(460k)

  • Sailing the seas of piracy in this digital age - file sharing and intellectual property
  • Resist Now #4 - Food
  • Hackney Social Centre
  • Music Reviews: Rotator, Electric Lifeform, Clark, Autechre, The Flashbulb
  • Film review: Steal This Film pt 2

January 08

Shh, it's January - Everyone's asleep!

Screen PDF(220k)
Print PDF(460k)

  • Resist Now#3 - Land ownership
  • Call for articles - for zine produced for April days of action
  • Fossil Fools Day - 1 April 2008
  • Rampart social centre eviction update
  • Music Reviews: RAoul Sinier, edIT, Forbidden Society/DJ Hidden/Slacknote, Ital Tek
  • Film review: No Country for Old Men (Coen Brothers)

December 07

How do K-heads time travel? In a retardis.

Screen PDF(2.1M)
Print PDF(2.7M)

  • Resist Now#2 - Setting up a co-op
  • Decentralised days of action for squats and autonomous centres
  • Dutch squatting ban threatened
  • I'm not unclean, I use L-lysine
  • Zeecreative website
  • Music Reviews: King Cannibal, Scorn, Amon Tobin, Boxcutter, Stivs/Johnny Clash

November 07

Too many cones, not enough work

Screen PDF(240KB)
Print PDF(4.2M)

  • Low emission zone
  • Cheese Factory food nights
  • Message from the ASS
  • Operation Catsnip - the issue of pet neutering
  • You do the math - a reasonable explanation on why to get rid of banking
  • Music Reviews: Statement of Intent CD, Ebola, Anorak, Starkey/Bong Ra

October 07

Poor service due to lack of available brains

Screen PDF(270KB)
Print PDF(2.7M)

  • Less wailing, more gnashing - turning churches into social centres
  • Resist Now - part 1 of an article on self-sufficiency and autonomy
  • Familiar Speak - from The Plot Thickens
  • NO:ID gallery
  • Music Reviews: Mu-Ziq, Daedelus, Venetian Snares, The Bug

September 07

Battalions of riot police with rubber bullet kisses

Screen PDF(260KB)
Print PDF(1.4M)

  • FREAK prepare for Edinburgh TAA
  • Ravers besiege Norfolk pig pen - ruckus outside a police station
  • Decibel Breach radio show back on air - new season on Resonance FM
  • Rave Idle 2007 - 12 producers battle it out on ILL FM
  • Let's get tanked - roundup of Dsei protests
  • Euroteknival roundup
    • Music reviews: Aaron Spectre, Machinochrist album, Milanese remixes, Starkey, Shitmat, Modeselektor

Summer 07

Rupture took a break from monthly editions during June-August 2007

May 07 - bumper issue for London TAA

Gumption stuck to our souls

Outer part:
Screen PDF(300KB)
Print PDF(2.0M)

Inner part:
Screen PDF(150KB)
Print PDF(1.9M)

Review of Bristol TAA

  • German Police lash out in pre-G8 raids
  • Fuck the 2012 Olimpdicks
  • Street Blitz introduction
  • These Four Walls, fiction by Keefer Reefer
  • Aisle Land Conflict, more fiction from The Plot Thickens
  • Reviews: Luke's Anger, Warlock, Terminal 11, Shotgun Wedding, Si Begg, MRK1 + The Lives of Others

April 07

i'm not sexist, i shag berds!

Screen PDF(280KB)
Print PDF(1.9M)

  • Free4Alternatives
  • If You Go Down to the Woods Today... (You'll be Section 63'd!)
  • Reader's Digest by Tom De Plume
  • A Randomix review
  • Music Reviews
    • DJ Hidden - The Later After [Ad Noiseam]
    • FFF - It Gets No Ruffer EP [Zero71 Recordings]
    • V/A - A Tasteless Gallery of Dead Celebrities [Neurotic Waste]
    • El-P - I'll Sleep When You're Dead [Def Jux]
    • Drop The Lime - Sky City Rising [Broklyn Beats]
    • Michael Forshaw - Blackpool Rock EP [SMB]

March 07

clean your grubby mitts

Screen PDF(402KB)
Print PDF(4.7M)

  • TAA
  • Blink and You'll Miss 'Em
  • Squatters Practical Network
  • Violent Eviction Sparks Riots Across Europe
  • UK Legislation Update
  • Using your mobile as a modem
  • My divorce from reality
  • Vinyl Reviews

February 07

dynamic mendacity

Screen PDF(1.0MB)
Print PDF(2.9M)

  • The Lymph Mob
  • The Vortex Social Centre
  • How to Re-create that Teknival Experience
  • Stray Cinima
  • There's Magic In Our Family
  • The Party
  • Vinyl Reviews

January 07

finding the start of another tether

Screen PDF(318K)
Print PDF(1.6M)

  • Name Your Price - a guide to shopping in the 21st century
  • Doppelgangers
  • A Toast To Being Happy
  • The Found
  • Vinyl Reviews
    • Frogs 07 [Frogs Records]
    • Shitmat - Hang the DJ [Wrong Music]
    • Dr Bastardo - When a Dub Plate Attacks [Peace Off]
    • Hellfish - Now Thats What I Call Hellfish [Deathchant]

December 06

the elastication of the syncopation

Screen PDF(260K)

  • Sexing up regeneration The Projection Gallery at Liverpool Biennial arts festival 2006
  • Sustainable Communities Bill
  • Breakfast First Then Enter
  • New God Same Shit
  • Vinyl Reviews
    • V/A - Squat Breaks CD#1
    • V/A - When the Shit Hits the Fan [Hex 8]
    • The Flashbulb - Flexing Habitual [Sublight]
    • Venetian Snares - Hospitality [Planet Mu]
    • Doormouse/Albelcain - Ghosts [Addict018]

November 06

from rupture to rapture

Screen PDF(373K)
Print PDF(3.7M)

  • Manchester TAA
  • Dalston Lane Theatre evicted
  • Waste want not not
  • Vinyl Reviews
    • H - The Sonic Brothers of the Absolution [Coven H07]
    • V/A JungleTek Movement 4
    • CCP - Ystoar Danfan [Anarmonia01]
  • DVD Reviews

October 06

styes, shys and porkie pies


  • The attempt to sack Parliment
  • 'i' the film
  • Put up your Words
  • A New Radio Show for the Broken Noise Moo Sieve
  • Buy your existence juice here

September 06

blood leaks from the derision


  • If Only We Got On With The Neighbours
  • August Bank Holiday Roundup
  • A New Squatted Artspace for Bristol
  • Monkies Can't Clap
  • Vinyl
  • Links & Listings

08 July 06

how many rocks can you get for 3310?


  • Outdoor Party report: Lea Valley, North London 24 June
  • Russell Square Social Centre dissolved
  • Critical Mass wins in the courts
  • Record Reviews
    • Ely Muff & Ronin - Resting on Laurels [B2K records]
    • Bass Force One - Dynamite and Fire [Praxis]
    • Kovert - Hybrid Riddim [Sozialistischer Plattenbau]
    • Venetian Snares - Rossz Csillag Alatt Szuletett [Planet Mu]
    • Rotator [Broklyn Beats 23]
    • AbelCain ¿ The Garden [Zhark]

14 April 06

dead skin, dead weight, dead dead heads


  • Starting Your Own Zine
  • Last breath of hope in the smoke...
  • News: Three controversial and liberty-taking (literally) Bills
  • Review: V for Vendetta

February 06

less images, less articles, less everything really


  • Hackney Council at it Again Occupation of 34 Broadway Market
  • Nice A.S.S.
  • 56a Info Shop - Still Open
  • London Infousurpa
  • Links & Listings

NYE 05

New Years Eve 2005


  • Free Flicks Spotlight
  • COPYitRIGHT As an artist
  • Heresy Exibition Pics
  • News: St.Agnes dis-placed
  • Sent

NYE05, Nov, Oct, Sept, July, Apr, Feb 06

kit and kaboodle

Gzip Tarball(15M)

London TAA pics

Jog yer memories or see what you missed, the first batch of pics from the highly successful (if somewhat curtailed) London Temporary Autonomous Art exhibition ...

If you have pictures from the Edinburgh event, or any others for that matter, we would love to see them and publish them with the rest.

Email us at the address above.

See below for previous events

Event Archive

  • Czech this out! what happened when Random Artists headed East during Easter 2007.
  • London TAA - 16th-19th May 2007 - New North Rd
  • TAA 13 - Forbidden Arts Manchester - Temporary Autonomous Art Exhibition 11th - 14th Oct 2006
  • Bristol TAA 7 - 10 JUNE 2006 Cumberland Road, Bristol
  • TAA 9 - May 2005- Bristol
  • Firenze Italy - March 2005
  • Taa 8 October 2004 - Commercial Rd, London
  • Transfuse - Summer 2004 - Romania and Bulgaria
  • Fuse June 2004 - Mare St, Hackney, London
  • TAA 7 October 2003 - Goswell Rd, Hackney, London
  • Respect Festival Millenium Dome - July 2003
  • Czech and Poland - summer 2003
  • TAA 6 December 2002
  • Liverpool Bennale Art Festival - September 2002
  • Flowers East Summer 2002 - Richmond Rd, Hackney London
  • Cleanse Summer 2002 - Richmond Rd, Hackney London
  • TAA 5 May 2002 - Commercial St, London
  • TAA4 Feb 2002 - Farringdon Rd,London
  • TAA 3 Oct 2001 Hackney, London
  • Bright Stars Nursery July 2001- Lea Bridge Rd, Leyton, London
  • TAA 2May 2001 - Stoke Newington, London
  • The Liquid Spiral Collective Easter party and gallery space - March 2001 - London Bridge
  • TAA 1 Feb 2001 - Farringdon, London