Random Artists

Random Artists

Temporary Autonomous Art - LONDON
November 2015

TAA returns to its roots with an event in the capital confirmed for November 2015. It's in a legal creative centre space, so we will have to adapt the format slightly, and we will use it as an opportunity to get fresh blood involved, some great art on show and discuss building for the future!
Check back here for more info, or visit and join the TAA/RA Facebook Group.

Ahead of more concrete details you can email us to register interest london (at) taaexhibitions (dot) org.

TAA London - November 2015 - pre-flyer banner


Temporary Autonomous Art - SWANSEA
2015 Date TBC

The TAA vibe is spreading across Wales!
Get in touch if you want to get involved or contribute: taaswansea (at) riseup (dot) net

Here is their initial page for information and benefit events:

TAA Swansea logo

Temporary Autonomous Art - CARDIFF
27 April - 3 May 2015

The TAA flame has been rekindled by a crew based in Cardiff and an event is planned for the end of April 2015!
Here is their blog page for the event:

You can email them via taacardiff (at) riseup (dot) net to get involved and show support.

TAA Cardiff 2015 callout English

which takes place each year on the 21st June
in more than 104 countries and 514 cities around the world!

The event is also known as Fête de la Musique (or World Music Day) and originated in France in 1982. Since then the idea has spread across the globe with each event holding to the same set of principles: that the day is held on the mid-summer solstice and that all concerts and events are free to the public with a non-profit making objective.

Typically this means that the music
is brought out ONTO THE STREETS!

We are lagging behind in the UK and so a small collective is doing what it can to coordinate events here. If you are musician, venue, promoter or just want to help out then fill out the form on the Get Involved page of the website.

There is a map on the homepage showing where people have pledged to stage Music Day events this year. There is still plenty of time to get your event, big or small, on the map.

Click to download the Press Release

To get involved: 

Facebook / Twitter / Mixcloud


TAA London 2012 was a huge success -
a massive thank-you to everyone who took part and attended!

TAA London 2012 flyer front

All artists, performers, musicians, speakers & general helpers 
are welcome and encouraged to actively take part! 


TAA London 2012 flyer back

Click to download:
TAA 2012 press release


To get involved: 


Random Artists presents A Wasteland Alchemy
@ the ADM TIJD Festival

it is Time to journey into the future where humanity must adapt and transform. In the collapse of Now we search for the Elements which are needed to advance evolution. Random Artists' alchemists create an interactive installation that crosses the bridge between a conscious shift and natural chaotic mutation. 

This group show reinvents sacred objects, shrines, symbols, elements, and geometry to make a sculpture garden of personal transformations and journeys. Combining digital technologies and interactive media alongside traditional art forms.

Wasteland Alchemy is an evolution of our most recent project, The Synthetic Gardens, which took our ethos of waste re-use and fed it into a permaculture scenario, creating a futuristic world where plants and machines had mutated together to form new species'.



Random Artists is a collective, based in London, which has been putting on exhibitions in squatted venues for the last 11 years. Tackling at a grass roots level the need for creative, autonomous responsibility within the community. The general ethos of our shows is to re-use the so-called 'waste' of modern urban society, encouraging others to be proactive toward the environment.


AMD TIJD Festival work


AMD TIJD Festival work


AMD TIJD Festival work



Massive thank you to all who helped fix up a derelict nightmare and turn it into a fabulous expanse of artistic/festive fun! Massive thanks to all performers, artists, skill sharers and film makers! Massive big up to everyone who turned up and helped create a friendly and enriching atmosphere. Massive Massives to all the Massive!

If you have any images from this years event and would like to see them up on this site please email us.

If you would like to be kept in the loop about future events run by random artists and friends please get yourself on the mailing list by emailing: events-subscribe@randomartists.org

London TAA 2011

London TAA pics

Jog yer memories or see what you missed, the first batch of pics from the highly successful (if somewhat curtailed) London Temporary Autonomous Art exhibition ...

If you have pictures from the Edinburgh event, or any others for that matter, we would love to see them and publish them with the rest.

Email us at the address above.

See below for previous events

Event Archive

  • Czech this out! what happened when Random Artists headed East during Easter 2007.
  • London TAA - 16th-19th May 2007 - New North Rd
  • TAA 13 - Forbidden Arts Manchester - Temporary Autonomous Art Exhibition 11th - 14th Oct 2006
  • Bristol TAA 7 - 10 JUNE 2006 Cumberland Road, Bristol
  • TAA 9 - May 2005- Bristol
  • Firenze Italy - March 2005
  • Taa 8 October 2004 - Commercial Rd, London
  • Transfuse - Summer 2004 - Romania and Bulgaria
  • Fuse June 2004 - Mare St, Hackney, London
  • TAA 7 October 2003 - Goswell Rd, Hackney, London
  • Respect Festival Millenium Dome - July 2003
  • Czech and Poland - summer 2003
  • TAA 6 December 2002
  • Liverpool Bennale Art Festival - September 2002
  • Flowers East Summer 2002 - Richmond Rd, Hackney London
  • Cleanse Summer 2002 - Richmond Rd, Hackney London
  • TAA 5 May 2002 - Commercial St, London
  • TAA4 Feb 2002 - Farringdon Rd,London
  • TAA 3 Oct 2001 Hackney, London
  • Bright Stars Nursery July 2001- Lea Bridge Rd, Leyton, London
  • TAA 2May 2001 - Stoke Newington, London
  • The Liquid Spiral Collective Easter party and gallery space - March 2001 - London Bridge
  • TAA 1 Feb 2001 - Farringdon, London