Random Artists

Random Artists

Random Artists at Party in the Park

Saturday 1 September 2018

12pm - 9pm. Free/donation entry.
Fordham Park, Angus St, London SE14 6LU
Click here for directions

The free festival in Fordham Park, now know as Party in the Park and previously 'back in the day' as the Deptford Urban Free Festival,
returns this year on Saturday 1 September – and Random Artists are hosting an arts area on site.

Party in the Park 2018 logo

Our tent will include a gallery, creative workshops, stalls and some live art.


(some require a donation towards the cost of materials!)


1:30PM –  Kids graffiti street art workshop with artist Morgasmik:
>> Learn the basic history of the graffiti origins and how it has evolved to our modern movement of public street art.
>> Be introduced to the basic tips and techniques of can control and the nozzles.
>> Pratice writing your name with a spray can in a graffiti art inspired style
>> Be part of a large collaborative street art mural guided by the artist.
Safety equipment & materials provided. Follow on instagram: @morgandyart

2:30PM – Screen-printing workshop with Minesweeper Collective and DIY Space For London
 >> Create your own stencil and print it onto your own clothes or on a blank t-shirt provided.
>> Fun designs ready to print.
>> All ages welcome
Materials provided. Follow on instagram: @minesweepercollective

3PM – Stamps on mix-media with Sonia Vera
>> Explorational workshop using assorted materials such as acrylics, fabrics papers, and up-cycling using stamps.
>> Various techniques and methods shown on how to produce your own stamp.
>> Ready made examples of stamps provided by artist.
>> Resulting in either scrapbook, postcard, picture frame or patch for participants to take home.
Materials provided. Follow on instagram: @oddsceneofficial

4PM – Human Beatbox Workshop With BeatFox
>> Interactive beatbox tuition with award-winning Beatbox Champion - BeatFox!
>> All ages welcome!
Follow on instagram: @beatfoxuk

DROP-IN: Adults Stencil street art workshop with artist Rick Hands

>> Live stencil art mural on the theme of gentrification will be spray painted by artist throughout the festival.
>> Watch or participate in the creation of producing an intricate work of art directed by the artist.
>> Find out how it´s done by asking questions on his artistic approach.
>> Learn the hands on techniques to stencil art, or better yet, get involved!
Safety equipment & materials provided. Follow on instagram: @dickyproart

DROP-IN: Hooping Workshop with Rosie O’Leary & co.
>> Fun for all ages,
>> Basic and advanced hoop techniques guided and demonstrated.
>> Non experienced hoopers welcome!
Follow on instagram: @shmoohoops

Thanks to Rise Gallery & Art Halo for spray paint donations!

Live art from Le Spleen
Follow on Instagram: @lespleenart
Live Street Art From 4D Street Artist ESKA
Follow on instagram: @eskaart
Live drawing by Joe Fur
Follow on Instagram: @joefurlong_art


More info on our Facebook Group.
There might still be space for contributions to any of these aspects so do get in touch!
Email: info@randomartists.org

More info about the actual festival: Facebook | Website


Temporary Autonomous Art – LONDON

Wednesday 2nd – Sunday 6th May 2018

This will be a freewheeling open-access extravganza where YOU get the chance to submit art, enjoy art and BE art in all of it's vibrant forms.
The London underground will rear its creative head and once again prove that there is a beating heart still thriving and surviving...





People’s Kitchen opening night:
free food buffet


Film screening Spoken word
Acoustic music


Performance art
+ special events


Live bands + electronic music


Hangover lunch club + cinema evening

Opening hours: 5pm-11pm Weds-Fri • 2pm-11pm Sat/Sun




TAA London 2018 flyer front


TAA London 2018 flyer back




London venue TBA –  there will be no social media event page

Email us to get involved – whether that is as a contributing artist, workshop leader or a volunteer to help run the show!

News will also be posted to taaexhibitions.org – where you can also find a gallery of photos from the last event

Resurrection - a mini exhibition

March 30 - April 26th

Free entry
The Birds Nest, 32 Deptford Church Street, London SE8 4RZ


RA Resurrection – mini expo at The Birds Nest

^^^^^^^Opening Night!!!^^^^^^^
From 8pm, 30th March

Join us for free buffet, pub booze and 3 hail Mary’s
3 awesome bands with unholy front women
Hotdog Grrl & the Sesame Buns

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A selection of Random Artists exhibit work with a timely theme to coincide with Easter and the spring equinox.
Webbo, Efa Supertramp, Glittasphyxia, Yiska Fonseca, Luke Hekate, Selvin, Jac Teach, Jonny Diaz, Carlos Casherio, Benjamin Irritant and Lorraine Huddle.

Random Artists Spoken Word:
Bridget Hart, Tim Holehouse & more.

TAA Random Artists present an evening of Spoken Word at The Birds Nest in Deptford

FREE ENTRY, but we'll collect donations for the touring artists.

Thurs 5th April

The Birds Nest, 32 Deptford Church Street, London SE8 4RZ


RA spoken word at The Birds Nest image

This is an event to coincide with the Random Artists' exhibition 'Resurrection'
which will be open from March 30th 'til 27th April at the Undercurrents Gallery in the venue.

Tim Holehouse and Bridget Hart are doing a spoken word tour of the UK -
we are pleased to be hosting their London date.
More poets to be announced, get in touch if you'd like to perform a couple of poems as there will be an open mic section.

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★ Support from our RANDOM poets: Jack Houston, Serena Boheimer, Jasmine Verona and Jeshua Rah;
and an open mic section at the beginning of the night.

Bridget Hart is a DIY punk poet. Her work is biting, witty and surprising as she drags her audience through deftly constructed snippets of real and imagined lives.
Navigating through ideas about feminism, mental health and being part of a far from perfect punk scene, Bridget’s words will get stuck in your teeth and you’ll be picking them out for days.

She has performed alongside bands like Petrol Girls, Perkie, Husbands n Knives, Atterkop, Faintest Idea and Kamikaze Girls. She has worked in collaboration with Atterkop and Will Tun and the Wasters. In 2013 she released a zine of poems called Scraped Knees and Sob Stories and in April released her first chapbook Better Watch Your Mouth (Burning Eye Books). She is currently working on her first show – Riot Mouth, which compiles a herstory of DIY punk.

‘…it’s easy to understand punk through the male prism of John Cooper Clarke and Attila The Stockbroker. But Jenn is proving that punk also means being honest and open. Autobiographical. Raw.’ – Henry Raby

Tim Holehouse is a musician who has spent the last 12 years travelling the planet, playing all over Europe as well as North America and Asia.
Averaging over 200 shows a year and releasing in the region of 15 albums.

For this UK tour he brings tales from the road and a 'how to guide' to DIY touring to the stage; as well as random thoughts from his brain to his brand new spoken word show. With extracts from his forthcoming book 'Make the Bad Man Stop' and spoken word CD 'Quiet'.

Random Artists present
28 October - 4 Nov 2017

The Random Artists collective presents a free week-long arts festival inspired by the universal term HOME

Random Artists present HOME

HOME explores the subjective notion of home in a diverse and immersive show – with fine art, installations, performance, film, music and workshops

HOME is where the art is!

28 October – 4 November
Weekends: 2pm-11pm / Mid-week: 5pm-11pm
FREE ENTRY (closed Monday + Tuesday)
ExFed, Unit 4, 199 Eade Road, London N4 1DN

Full programme PDF

Join the event on Facebook

Click here to go to the artists submissions form!



Full programme PDF


Gallery (Open throughout)

Painting, photography, sculpture and multimedia work around the theme of Home


Zines, campaigns, clothing, jewellery


Programme of skill sharing workshops, presentations, panels and discussions on topics such as Screen Printing, Practical Squatting, The Social Housing Crisis, Upcycling Junk, Neon Naked Life Drawing, Circuit Bending and more –

Check this Facebook event for details



Serving soft drinks, craft beer & cider Thurs, Fri + Sats only
BYO other days, or vist the bar at New River Studios


Sat 28th

Acoustic music
Spoken word
Facebook event

Opening night with acoustic music from Perkie, Chuck SJ Hay, Cosmo, Giz Medium, Don Potter, Efa Supertramp, Mo’jangles
Spoken word from Jenn Hart, Serena Boheimer, Jack Houston, Becky Fury, David Lee Morgan, Carlos Cashiero, Aaron Bent, Kyon Hizen, Capitán

Sun 29th

Cinema day
Special screenings
Facebook event

Films all day long with a selection of features and self-made shorts related to the theme plus London premiere of documentary The Antifascists (2017) at 7pm followed by a discussion,
and another screening at 9pm of housing crisis documentary
Give Us Space (2015)

Closed Monday and Tuesday!

Weds 1st

Facebook event

We host the OpenJack crew for their regular performance event

Thurs 2nd

Hot on the Wire
Facebook event

An hour long periscope into subterranean counter-culture, hosted by Carmen Monoxide & Rosa Truelove and featuring live music from Discount Orchestra, circus performance from Ruby Gaskell, cabaret from Bang Crosby, AV set from Warehouse Animals, alternative current affairs from Reel News + more TBA

Friday 3rd

Performance art
Facebook event
25 Years of Praxis
Facebook event

Our much-talked-about performance night is back with Glittasphyxia, Dancing Queer, Valis & Stitch, Apple Tart, Rafael Tsantes, Scarlett Lassoff, Naomi O’Connor and more TBC whilst in the second room there’s a concert of live sets and DJs to celebrate 25 years of the Praxis record label

Durational performances will also take place on other evenings of the show – check back here for details!

Saturday 4th

Live bands
Facebook event
Live audio-visual performances (Crux)
Facebook event

To bring a climax to the event we have two rooms of live music!
Oracy + Icykal, Tokyo Sexwail, Killdren and Ujjayi take on the main stage alongside a full programme of cutting-edge live electronic music and video in the second room from c0ma, Lossy, Silent Bomber, Ana Berkenhoff, RVCH + infimensions, Reality, Hackney Town Hell, That’s It, Stormfield, Oddscene, Mowgli

Full programme PDF

ExFed warehouse
Unit 4, 199 Eade Road, London N4 1DN
Directions to the venue

Discussion and collaboration can take place on the Random Artists / TAA group on Facebook as well as in our regular meetings.

You can email us for more details, or with any questions:

Random Artists traditionally operate an organic and independent event called Temporary Autonomous Art, which uses the tactics of DIY culture to create artist-led free spaces that are open for anyone to exhibit and perform within. Taking a step towards the curated and planned HOME event will not depart from the same free spirit, and artist involvement will be employed to make a unique and thought provoking environment for all those who enter.

Random Artists present HOME logo image


HOME... is a place of comfort; a safe space in which to belong... is in the mind, made of memories...
is privacy and personal... is where the heart is, a place of family, friendship and connectivity...
is a dwelling, full of objects and a place to lay your head... is an alien environment...
is unbounded for the nomadic digital age... is full of rituals that transcends cultures and geography...
is beset by margins; the outsider spaces inhabited by the squatters, unemployed, artists and homeless...
is a collaboration of sustainable communal living...
is physical separation: the boundaries of a homeland provoked by nationalism...
is a construct of mainstream, global and corporate culture... is structured by economic factors that affect and corrupt our lives...
is in need of a moral compass... is a horizon that recedes into the future... is a larger world of new possibilities...
HOME is where the art is...
HOME is a group show...
HOME is 28 October – 4 November 2017

Temporary Autonomous Art
29 March - 1 April 2017

Open-access art explosion with gallery space alongside
performance | music | film | talks | workshops

TAA is an underground festival of creativity that has been taking over venues across the UK since 2001 and with this year's event we return to our roots...

There will be no social media promotion for this event –
Sign up to the TAA / Random Artists mailing list or visit the TAA website
to get the venue location during the week of the event.

Contact london@taaexhibitions.org to get involved!

View photos of the last event
Read a bit more about the background to a TAA event

TAA London 2017 flyer

These exhibitions are creative spaces that are organised and constructed by the artists themselves. They operate under an open-access policy, meaning everyone is free to exhibit their work or perform.

Time-honoured art forms sit comfortably amongst digital work, sculptures, installations, films, performance and music. A gallery and social space will run throughout, with differently themed entertainment each evening.

Evenings from 7pm:

Opening night mashup (Weds)

Details to be announced.

Films (Thurs)

Self-made short films and documentaries.

Performance (Fri)

Spoken word, cabaret and performance art.
More info to follow...

Live electronic music (Sat)

Electronic music jam and AV performances hosted by Crux (times TBA)
Click here for more info and full lineup

Live bands (Sat)

Live bands organised by Music Day UK (evening from 7pm).

LONDON VENUE TBA in the week of the event.

More information to follow – visit the TAA website for infoline numbers closer to the event.
Contact london@taaexhibitions.org to get involved!



4 days of art and culture @ ExFed
(open invitation to all artists and performers)

Individual sub-event pages (public Facebook pages):
Spoken Word – Weds from 7pm
Films – Thurs (no page, just show up from 7pm)
Performance and Cabaret – Fri from 7pm
Live electronic music – Sat 2pm-midnight
Live bands – Sat from 7pm
Workshops – throughout the week

Random Artists present… flyer front

Weds 9 - Sat 12 November 2016

Weds-Thurs 5pm-11pm
Fri-Sat 2pm-12am
ExFed, Unit 4, 199 Eade Road, London N4 1DN
FREE ENTRY / donations appreciated!

Join the event on Facebook

Random Artists present… flyer back

In preparation for a squatted London TAA event in early 2017, the founding group of the TAA movement – Random Artists, a collective as loose as the name suggests –
send an open invitation to all artists and performers working in any medium to get involved with an event in the ExFed warehouse space.

More information will follow soon, but we are already accepting pledges of work for the main gallery space, or for themed evening entertainment - film, spoken word and performance.


Gallery (Open throughout)

Painting, photography, sculpture and multimedia work


Zines, campaigns, clothing, jewellery


On a wide range of topics – check back closer to the event


BYOB on Weds+Thurs – or you have the good selection of drinks available next door at New River Studios
Licenced Bar on Fri+Sat with soft drinks, craft ale and cider
(this is the only way the event and venue can make their money back – please support both by buying from the bar on Fri+Sat!)


Evenings from 7pm:

Spoken Word (Weds)

Including open-mic

Films (Thurs)

Self-made short films

Performance (Fri)

Live art – 6pm-7pm
Cabaret – 9pm-11pm

More info to follow...

Live electronic music (Sat)

Electronic music jam and AV performances hosted by Crux (2pm-midnight)
Click here for more info and full lineup

Live bands (Sat)

Live bands organised by Music Day UK (evening from 7pm)
Lineup so far:
Aloha Dead
Black Cat Magic
Rat Bag


Special events

Extra performances and screenings will be taking place throughout the week:

Micro-Rave – Fri at 10pm

The Interstellar Peacekeeping Force, who have the future unity of your race and Planetary community at heart(s), invite you to take part in a session of slapstick RARP (Rave-Action-Role-Playing)!

Check back here closer to the time for more details of other events...


Random Artists present… flyer inside


Send all related emails to:

Details will also be posted to:


Undercurrents Gallery present: Random Artists

Friday 30th September – 27th October 2016
@ The Birds Nest, 32 Deptford Church St, Deptford, London SE8 4RZ


Random Artists at Undercurrents gallery October 2016


Artists Exhibiting:

Amos Stein
Dave Stitch
Laurence Jansen
Lorraine Huddle
Lucy Scotcher
Luke Hekate
Ref Strolls
Sean Orr
Yiska Fonseca

PLUS an occupied Dolls House Miniature Exhibition by a group of TAA collaborators!

Brought to you by Minesweeper Collective

Temporary Autonomous Art - LONDON
17-21 November 2015 @ Crows Nest gallery

TAA returns to its roots with an event in the capital now confirmed for 17-21 November 2015. It's in a legal creative space, kindly donated by the charity Artcore, and so we will have to adapt the format slightly and use it as an opportunity to get fresh blood involved, some great art on show and discuss building for the future!

The final programme and full event details are found over on the main TAA website.

It's an open-access show so you can email us to register interest london (at) taaexhibitions (dot) org.

If you would like to bring some momentum to the activities of Random Artists or want to discuss the success of this event and make plans for the future –  join in the Future of TAA discussion taking place at the event, Sat 21st at 6pm.


Open-access art explosion with gallery space alongside
performance | music | film | talks | workshops

TAA London 17-21 November 2015 pre-flyer for web


Free entry (donations appreciated)
Opening hours – 17:00-23:00 (Tues-Thurs) and 12:00-23:00 (Fri-Sat)

Crows Nest gallery, 3-5 Crowthorne Road, London W10 6RP

Event URL: www.facebook.com/events/714276325373999/
Event email: london@taaexhibitions.org
More links:

We are looking for contributions to all aspects of the event: gallery, evening programmes, talks/workshops and general crew.
Email: london@taaexhibitions.org

Click here for directions to the venue
Nearest tube station is Latimer Road or Ladbroke Grove (Circle/Hammersmith & City lines). Buses 295, 316 stop nearby. If driving is a necessity then please use the car park for the leisure centre as no street-parking is available on Crowthorne Road.


Temporary Autonomous Art is an open-access explosion of creativity that has been taking over venues across the UK since 2001. These are places which break free of the sterile and closed-circuit nature of the traditional gallery and where traditional art forms sit alongside performance, music, spoken word and film as well as talks and workshops.

The gallery space will feature work by random artists.

Our evening entertainment programme from 8pm each day:
Tuesday – Opening night mash-up
Wednesday – Spoken word
Thursday – Film night
Friday – Live performance
Saturday – Live music

Talks and workshops will mostly be scheduled each evening at 7pm and throughout the day on Saturday. Check back for more details.

In some cases we will be accepting work up to and during the event so we are unable to provide a complete programme; though one will be drafted up and published closer to the event.


Temporary Autonomous Art - SWANSEA
2016 Date TBC

The TAA vibe is spreading across Wales and this event is now due to take place in March 2016.

Get in touch if you want to get involved or contribute: taaswansea (at) riseup (dot) net

Here is their initial page for information and benefit events:

TAA Swansea logo

Temporary Autonomous Art - CARDIFF
27 April - 3 May 2015

The TAA flame has been rekindled by a crew based in Cardiff and an event is planned for the end of April 2015!
Here is their blog page for the event:

You can email them via taacardiff (at) riseup (dot) net to get involved and show support.

TAA Cardiff 2015 callout English

which takes place each year on the 21st June
in more than 104 countries and 514 cities around the world!

The event is also known as Fête de la Musique (or World Music Day) and originated in France in 1982. Since then the idea has spread across the globe with each event holding to the same set of principles: that the day is held on the mid-summer solstice and that all concerts and events are free to the public with a non-profit making objective.

Typically this means that the music
is brought out ONTO THE STREETS!

We are lagging behind in the UK and so a small collective is doing what it can to coordinate events here. If you are musician, venue, promoter or just want to help out then fill out the form on the Get Involved page of the website.

There is a map on the homepage showing where people have pledged to stage Music Day events this year. There is still plenty of time to get your event, big or small, on the map.

Click to download the Press Release

To get involved: 

Facebook / Twitter / Mixcloud


TAA London 2012 was a huge success -
a massive thank-you to everyone who took part and attended!

TAA London 2012 flyer front

All artists, performers, musicians, speakers & general helpers 
are welcome and encouraged to actively take part! 


TAA London 2012 flyer back

Click to download:
TAA 2012 press release


To get involved: 


Random Artists presents A Wasteland Alchemy
@ the ADM TIJD Festival

it is Time to journey into the future where humanity must adapt and transform. In the collapse of Now we search for the Elements which are needed to advance evolution. Random Artists' alchemists create an interactive installation that crosses the bridge between a conscious shift and natural chaotic mutation. 

This group show reinvents sacred objects, shrines, symbols, elements, and geometry to make a sculpture garden of personal transformations and journeys. Combining digital technologies and interactive media alongside traditional art forms.

Wasteland Alchemy is an evolution of our most recent project, The Synthetic Gardens, which took our ethos of waste re-use and fed it into a permaculture scenario, creating a futuristic world where plants and machines had mutated together to form new species'.



Random Artists is a collective, based in London, which has been putting on exhibitions in squatted venues for the last 11 years. Tackling at a grass roots level the need for creative, autonomous responsibility within the community. The general ethos of our shows is to re-use the so-called 'waste' of modern urban society, encouraging others to be proactive toward the environment.


AMD TIJD Festival work


AMD TIJD Festival work


AMD TIJD Festival work



Massive thank you to all who helped fix up a derelict nightmare and turn it into a fabulous expanse of artistic/festive fun! Massive thanks to all performers, artists, skill sharers and film makers! Massive big up to everyone who turned up and helped create a friendly and enriching atmosphere. Massive Massives to all the Massive!

If you have any images from this years event and would like to see them up on this site please email us.

If you would like to be kept in the loop about future events run by random artists and friends please get yourself on the mailing list by emailing: events-subscribe@randomartists.org

London TAA 2011

London TAA pics

Jog yer memories or see what you missed, the first batch of pics from the highly successful (if somewhat curtailed) London Temporary Autonomous Art exhibition ...

If you have pictures from the Edinburgh event, or any others for that matter, we would love to see them and publish them with the rest.

Email us at the address above.

See below for previous events

Event Archive

  • Czech this out! what happened when Random Artists headed East during Easter 2007.
  • London TAA - 16th-19th May 2007 - New North Rd
  • TAA 13 - Forbidden Arts Manchester - Temporary Autonomous Art Exhibition 11th - 14th Oct 2006
  • Bristol TAA 7 - 10 JUNE 2006 Cumberland Road, Bristol
  • TAA 9 - May 2005- Bristol
  • Firenze Italy - March 2005
  • Taa 8 October 2004 - Commercial Rd, London
  • Transfuse - Summer 2004 - Romania and Bulgaria
  • Fuse June 2004 - Mare St, Hackney, London
  • TAA 7 October 2003 - Goswell Rd, Hackney, London
  • Respect Festival Millenium Dome - July 2003
  • Czech and Poland - summer 2003
  • TAA 6 December 2002
  • Liverpool Bennale Art Festival - September 2002
  • Flowers East Summer 2002 - Richmond Rd, Hackney London
  • Cleanse Summer 2002 - Richmond Rd, Hackney London
  • TAA 5 May 2002 - Commercial St, London
  • TAA4 Feb 2002 - Farringdon Rd,London
  • TAA 3 Oct 2001 Hackney, London
  • Bright Stars Nursery July 2001- Lea Bridge Rd, Leyton, London
  • TAA 2May 2001 - Stoke Newington, London
  • The Liquid Spiral Collective Easter party and gallery space - March 2001 - London Bridge
  • TAA 1 Feb 2001 - Farringdon, London